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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

     Whether you are looking for an opportunity to minister within motor sports, or are already serving within a racing community, the Motor Racing Outreach Association (MROA) is designed for you. The MROA offers individuals affiliation, training, direction, networking, accountability and financial stewardship to pursue and continue ministry within the world of motor sports.

Image by Jan Ivo Henze
Image by Oleksandr Baiev

Our Story

The Motor Racing Outreach Association exists to foster and encourage fellowship in our common faith in Christ through ministering to the needs of the racing community and its fans especially among our members. MRO’s philosophy of ministry has been one of a low-key, relationship style. It is an approach of being where the people are with consistency and availability. The Holy Spirit leads us into natural relationships in a non-aggressive way. It is a ministry centered on sensitivity to the needs of those to whom we are ministering. The ministry of hanging out is very different than the current Bible College and seminary training. Relationships are established before a gospel presentation is given. Jesus modeled this with his ministry to the woman at the well (John 4). Paul, also modeling this philosophy in his ministry, often spent time building relationships and understanding existing culture before preaching (Acts 17). This style of ministry has been successful within the racing communities. Our desire is to introduce people to a personal faith in Christ and growth in Christ likeness. However, the hanging-out style of ministry allows those who aren’t yet receptive to be given time to develop a friendship that will enable spiritual ministry to proceed at their pace. Building relationships is the most important part of ministering within MRO. We do not push our way into ministering to those who do not want it. We provide services of caring and availability in times of need.



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