2nd Annual MRO "Ride From The Rock" benefiting MRO, USO Delaware, and Pit Stops For Hope



Max Helton, Founding Chaplain of MRO…


     My interest in racing began in my early teens. Two of my childhood friends, Carl and Earl Butler had two brothers who raced at local dirt tracks in the mountain regions of East Tennessee. I started driving at age 13 and bought my first car when I was 15. It was a 1946 Dodge fluid drive. Two cars later, I acquired a 1950 Chevy that was my street rod. I put a split manifold with straight pipes (absolutely no mufflers!), had the head shaved and customized the body to look slick.

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     MRO is dependent on the free-will giving of many. We will always do everything we can to be the best possible stewards of the financial support you entrust to us. We are extremely grateful for each and every gift we receive.

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