Michael McDowell's Christian Testimony

Michael McDowell


The way I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal savior was a unique one. I did not grow up in a religious family; I never went to church for anything other than weddings and funerals. I always felt God’s presence but I never knew what it meant.


I met my wife Jami and we starting spending time with her Uncle Deano and Aunt Kym, they were fun to be around and they invited us to their Church a few times. I really didn’t put much energy into it though. During this time I was working hard trying to make in Racing, I had no money so I spent a lot of time coaching kids and adults in go karts.


I worked for Ron Huber he was a great man of faith. Ron was a big part of Motorsports Ministries and was heavily involved with other great organizations. I spent a lot of time with his grandson Andrew; we would go to the track every week and I would mentor him. Ron put a lot of trust in me and he was a great friend of mine as well as an employer.


I always thought he was very special person who treated his family, friends and employees with love and integrity. I remember always thinking there is something different about this man and it was his love to serve and honor God. When he passed away I was devastated, but little did I know that God had a plan to use Ron and his passing to open my heart.


Tom Barnett another close friend, employer and a man of faith challenged me at Ron’s funeral about my life. He asked me if I thought Ron was in heaven and I obviously said yes and then he asked me if I was to die today would I go to heaven. I paused and really didn’t know. I started evaluating my life style, my heart, and who I really wanted to be.


Then as a little time went on my wife and I were at a Church with Jami’s Aunt and Uncle again. The pastor was speaking about forgiveness and no matter how much junk we have had in our life’s that we could start a new life today. I thought to myself, man that would be nice a second chance to have all my sins washed away, to be forgiven and start over and I did that day that second. My faith has brought me through a lot of struggles as well as great times of joy and peace.


I could not imagine being married with a child and not knowing Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. The greatest gift is to know that I am not alone in this world and that God has a plan and a place in his kingdom for me and my family.


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