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L. Bryce Whitson Jr. has been fighting acute myeloid leukemia (AML) since August 2017 and his doctors have yet been able to cure this terrible disease. The leukemia to date has overcome an initial heavy duty chemotherapy regimen, a reduced intensity stem cell transplant, and a full dosage myeloablative stem cell transplant using the heaviest chemotherapy available in the United States. At this point his doctors have concluded the disease is resistant to chemotherapy treatment. The best non-experimental option they can offer him would be a conservative management of the disease which may give him only months to a year to live. Everyone agrees that Bryce is too young and too healthy to simply wait for this disease to progress.

Bryce’s doctors consider his best option for cure is an immunotherapy based clinical trial. Recently he has been accepted into a trial for CD123 Targeted CAR T-Cell immunotherapy at the University of Pennsylvania. UPenn is the architect for many commercial CAR T-Cell therapies used to cure other blood cancers similar to AML. The leukemia teams at Charlotte and UPenn believe this disease will respond extremely well to this CAR T-Cell treatment because 99% of the leukemia he has expresses the trial’s CD123 target.
The clinical trial will require Bryce and Rachel (his wife) to travel to Philadelphia multiple times over the next few months for baseline appointments. Then, once primary treatment begins, they will have to temporarily live in Philadelphia for anywhere from one to six months. They estimate that the clinical trial will cost them nearly $50k in travel, housing for their animals, and potential medical expenses not covered by insurance. Many of you have offered in the past to help Bryce and Rachel; now is the time that they need you. Please consider donating to the Motor Racing Outreach Bryce Fund to help them bear this expense and finally cure this terrible disease. #NeverQuit

Goal: $50,000

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