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Jim Zeirke

Slinger Speedway Racing Ministries Chaplain


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Slinger Speedway Racing Ministry is the outreach program of track chaplain Jim Zeirke to the racing community at Slinger Speedway in Slinger, WI.  It is a ministry of caring for people and sharing the Gospel with the goal being to introduce members of the racing community to a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.


“What’s a chaplain do at Slinger Speedway?” is the most common question that we hear.  The answer is quite simple:  We love the people who race there, work there, and sit in the stands there.  We show them the love that Christ has for them.  We share in their joy and in their sorrow.  We encourage and support them.  A racer’s fortunes can change literally in the blink of an eye.  One minute you are leading the race and then next you are into the wall and possibly done for the season.  In the heat of the race your best friend can make a mistake that costs you not just a victory, but the season points championship.  Our goal is to be the one constant, the one thing that doesn’t change. We love them no matter what happens.  In so doing, we show them how Christ doesn’t change, how His love for them doesn’t change.  


The method is quite simple and boil down to this:  We’re THERE.  Whenever our racing community gathers, we are there with them.  We pray with drivers and crews before they race.  As the car roll off we make sure that the drivers see us and know that we are praying for their protection and care.  Jim has been trained in trauma response; and if there is a serious incident at the track, he is able to provide support for the people involved, the families, as well as the track personnel. 


We provide a chapel service every Sunday at the track.  We organize the opening ceremonies every Sunday at the track; and that includes an invocation by one of us or by local clergy.  In addition, we do weddings, funerals, and evaluation for counseling.  We have access to a broad referral network for all types of Christian counseling.


The goal of all of our work is to develop the relationship that leads to a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Our objectives are to be a constant, reassuring presence that continually points to Him who saves us.


Jim Zeirke has been a chaplain and peer support counselor for the fire service.  He served as a career fire fighter for 26 years before retiring at the end of 2006.  He also serves as a chaplain with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief program.  He is ordained through Chaplain Fellowship Ministries.  A lifelong fan of stock car racing, Jim raced for several seasons in the late 1970’s.